Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Nagarangalude Aparanamangal Kerala PSC Exam Questions

Q1. Prakashathinte nagaram ?
Ans. Paris

Q2. Kizhakkinte Munjastar ?
Ans. Osakka

Q3. Palangalude nagaram ?
Ans. Vennis

Q4. Adunika Babi lon ?
Ans. London

Q5. Jalanagaram ?
Ans. Vennis

Q6. Silicon Valley ?
Ans. California

Q7. Indiayude silicon valley ?
Ans. Banglore

Q8. Suryanu kizhile haritha nagaram ?
Ans. Neyrobi

Q9. Suvarna nagaram ?
Ans. Johannas Barg

Q10. England-nte punthottam ?
Ans. Kent

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