Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Kumaranasan KPSC Important Questions For 2017 Exam

1. The translation of 'Light of Asia' written by Kumaranasan-
Sribudda Charitham

2.First poet to become a member of Travancore Legislative assembly-Kumaranasan

3.The work of Kumaranasan written in the Vanchipattu Vruthum -

4.The childhood name of Kumaranasan - Kumaru

5.First notable work of Kumaranasan - Veena Poovu

6.The character 'Mathangi' is in which poem of Kumaranasan -

7.Kumaranasan undertook a studentship in poetry under - 
Manamboor Govindan Asan

8.Veena poovu was published for the first time in - Mithavadi

9.Who was known as 'Sneha Gayakan' (poet of love) -

10. First malayalam poet appeared on Indian postal stamps - 

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