Friday, 19 May 2017

10 Question Kerala District 2017 LGS Questions KPSC

1. Second open jail in Kerala was established at - Cheemeni

2. Largest river in Kannur - Valapattanam

3.The first malayalam newspaper Rajyasamacharam was published
at - Thalassery 

4. Highest cricket stadium in South India -Krishnagiri Stadium

5.Largest producer of Cashewnut in Kerala - Kannur

6.The place in Kozhikode famous for crocodile farming- 

7. The first WiFi University - Calicut University

8.The person know as 'Beypore Sultan' - Vaikom Muhammad 

9.First Railway line in Kerala - Tirur and Beypore (1861)

10. The only Peacock Sanctuary in Kerala - Choolanur (2007)

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