Sunday, 14 May 2017

10 Selected Question From Kerala District

1. Peruman Rail Tragedy was occured in - Ashtamudi Lake
(1988 July 8)

2.Largest and first Soil Museum in India situated at -
Parottukonam (Thiruvananthapuram)

3.First Paper Mill in Kerala was established at - Punalur

4.The place know as 'Rice bowl of Kerala', Netherland of Kerala',
'Gift of Pamba'- Kuttanadu

5.The place know as 'bird village' of Kerala - Nooranadu (Alappuzha)

6.The place in Idukki famous for sandal wood - Marayoor

7. First Metro Railway in Kerala - Kochi

8. Highest Church in Asia - Puthan Palli

9. The place know by 'Sairantri forest' - Silent Valley

10. The place know as 'Mecca of Kerala' - ponnani

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