Sunday, 5 February 2017

Staff Nursing Examination Important 10 Questions 2017

  1. Pigment in Chloroplasts which gives green colour to the plants - chlorophyll
  2. The largest cell - Egg of Ostrich
  3. The organisms that live on or inside other living organisms, to derive their food are called parasites. This may cause harm to the host.
  4. Calcium carbonate particles inside vestibule are known as - Otoliths
  5. Blood circulations was discovered by William Harvey
  6. Heaviest organ in the human body - Liver
  7. In lungs gas exchage occurs in - alveoli
  8. The capillaries of the Bowman's capsule is glomerulus.
  9. Tendon is a strong muscle in the human body is cardiac muscle.
  10. Viruses eating bacteria are known as - bacteriophages

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