Sunday, 19 February 2017

Physics 10 Important Question For LDC Exam 2017

  1. CERN is a European Organization for Nuclear Research.
  2. Number of Elementary particles in standard model - 12
  3. The rate of doing work is known as Power.
  4. Interference, diffraction and polarisation are the phenomena which proves waves nature of light.
  5. Type of colour mixing of Light - Additive Colour Mixing
  6. According to quantum theory, quantum of light is known as a photon.
  7. Whwn light passes an obstacle, it spreads out into the geometrical shadow of the obstacle. This process is known as diffraction of light.
  8. Nicol prism is a polaroid.
  9. We can distinguish the sounds of various musical instruments due to its quality.
  10. Thermos flask was invented by - Sir James Dewar.

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